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Chemical  World  Intelligence

Who are CHEMWI ?

We are a professional chemical and materials market intelligence  service provider in the chemical and materials industry.

We provide market research reports, market forecasts, chemical investment guides, analytical research and consulting, business strategies, as well as a deep understanding of stakeholders, competitive landscapes, and impact analysis. These services are designed to help you make wise decisions in a complex business environment.

Our Services


Regular Reports

CHEMWI Regular Market Report

Customized Services

CHEMWI Customized Services

Why choose us?

 We have deep knowledge of the chemical industry and extensive experience in market research, enabling us to provide accurate and in-depth market insights.



We are committed to helping our clients formulate effective business strategies, gain a deep understanding of stakeholders and competitive landscapes, and conduct comprehensive impact analysis through our analytical research and consulting services. Our goal is to assist our clients in making wise decisions in a complex business environment, promoting the continuous development and innovation of the chemical industry.

Claire Zhang
Director of ENSTU

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