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Concrete sealers are the materials used to protect the overall surface of the concrete. The material helps provide better efficiency, visual enhancement, and surface protection.  It is applied on top of the surface. It can be applied to dry or damp surfaces to match the substrate porosity to effectively penetrate the surface and react. Increasing investments in infrastructure projects, such as roads, bridges, highways, and public facilities, have driven the market for concrete sealers. These sealers are used to protect concrete structures from weathering, chemicals, and abrasion, extending their lifespan and reducing maintenance costs. On the other hand, the availability of alternative solutions, fluctuating raw material prices, and the need for skilled applicators are factors hampering the market growth. The Concrete Sealers Market is likely to grow at a rate of 6.10% CAGR by 2028. 
Concrete Sealers Market by Function Type
•    Topical
•    Penetrating
Concrete Sealers Market by Materials
•    Acrylic
•    Epoxy
•    Silicates
•    Silane
•    Siloxane
•    Others
Concrete Sealers Market by End-Users
•    Residential
•    Commercial
•    Industrial
•    Others
•    North America
•    Europe
•    Asia Pacific
•    Rest of the World
Firstly the market is segmented by function type which is divided into Topical and Penetrating. The penetrating sealers segment is likely to have major share in the market. Penetrating sealers give a natural-looking finish whilst securing the concrete surface from stains, water and contaminants. These include siloxanes, silanes, silicates, and siliconates. Moreover, these sealers penetrate and respond chemically within the capillaries of the concrete to protect from moisture penetration and ingress of water-borne pollutants and salts. These are utilized in indoor and outdoor applications for porous natural stone, concrete and concrete pavers.
Further in the concrete sealers market for materials is furcated as Acrylic, Epoxy, Silicates, Silane, Siloxane and Others. Silicate segment is projected to have significant growth in the estimated period. Silicate concrete sealers are classified as densifiers and siliconate concrete sealers which are considered as water repellant sealers. These sealers are more resistant to delamination, peeling and wear and tear than other film-forming sealers. Silicate is preferred for outdoor applications as they have a higher lifespan and offer a more realistic and natural appearance to the surface, especially when used on stamped concrete, than film-forming sealers which offer a glossy finish to the surface.
Moreover, the concrete sealers market is segmented by end users which include Residential, Commercial, Industrial and Others. The commercial segment dominated the market. The growth can be ascribed to the surging demand for commercial and industrial infrastructure across the world along with the rising demand for aesthetic flooring solutions. In addition to this, the many nations are upgrading economic performance by investing extensively in commercial infrastructure development, eventually impacting the segment expansion.
On the basis of geographical analysis, the market is divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and rest of the world. Asia Pacific dominated the concrete sealers market. The rising number of infrastructure projects across the region owing to the swift economic growth in many countries such as China and India are augmenting the construction industry sector in the region, which in turn, will fuel the concrete sealer market in the region.
Moreover, there is a growing trend toward the adoption of sustainable and eco-friendly concrete sealers around the world. Manufacturers are developing low VOC (volatile organic compound) and water-based sealers to meet the demand for environmentally responsible products in the construction industry. Henceforth, the sustainable and eco-friendly solutions trend is propelling the global concrete sealers market.
The prominent players of the concrete sealers market are Curecrete Distribution (Ashford Formula and RetroPlate), Prosoco, Evonik Industries AG, BASF SE, Seal Source Inc., AmeriPolish, Lythic Solutions, Inc., W.R. MEADOWS, INC., Larsen & Toubro Ltd and KreteTek Industries 
Henceforth, the concrete sealers market continues to grow as construction projects increase worldwide, and there is a growing need to protect and preserve concrete structures and surfaces. Advances in sealant technology and increasing awareness of the benefits of using concrete sealers contribute to the market's expansion.  
•    The report gives an inclusive analysis on the concrete sealers market in terms of product, end user and by geography.
•    This study provides exclusive information on attributes which are impacting concrete sealers market growth (drivers, constraints, opportunities and challenges).
•    This report further offers the predictions of the market size, in major regions namely North America, Europe, Asia Pacific and rest of the world.
•    This study gives the estimations of the competitive landscape mapping in respect to the product launches, technological advancements, mergers and expansions of the key vendors operating in the concrete sealers market.  

Concrete Sealers Market Forecast up to 2028

  • Table of Contents

    1.    Executive Summary
    2.    Industry Outlook

    2.1.    Industry Overview
    2.2.    Industry Trends
    3.    Market Snapshot
    3.1.    Market Definition
    3.2.    Market Outlook
    3.2.1.    Porter Five Forces
    3.3.    Related Markets
    4.    Market characteristics
    4.1.    Market Overview
    4.2.    Market Segmentation
    4.3.    Market Dynamics
    4.3.1.    Drivers
    4.3.2.    Restraints
    4.3.3.    Opportunities
    4.4.    DRO - Impact Analysis
    5.    Function Type: Market Size & Analysis
    5.1.    Overview
    5.2.    Topical
    5.3.    Penetrating
    6.    Materials: Market Size & Analysis
    6.1.    Overview
    6.2.    Acrylic
    6.3.    Epoxy
    6.4.    Silicates
    6.5.    Silane
    6.6.    Siloxane
    6.7.    Others
    7.    End-Users: Market Size & Analysis
    7.1.    Overview
    7.2.    Residential
    7.3.    Commercial
    7.4.    Industrial
    7.5.    Others
    8.    Geography: Market Size & Analysis
    8.1.    Overview
    8.2.    North America
    8.3.    Europe
    8.4.    Asia Pacific
    8.5.    Rest of the World
    9.    Competitive Landscape
    9.1.    Competitor Comparison Analysis
    9.2.    Market Developments
    9.2.1.    Mergers and Acquisitions, Legal, Awards, Partnerships
    9.2.2.    Product Launches and execution
    10.    Vendor Profiles
    10.1.    Curecrete Distribution
    10.1.1.    Overview
    10.1.2.    Financial Overview
    10.1.3.    Product Offerings
    10.1.4.    Developments
    10.1.5.    Business Strategy
    10.2.    Prosoco
    10.2.1.    Overview
    10.2.2.    Financial Overview
    10.2.3.    Product Offerings
    10.2.4.    Developments
    10.2.5.    Business Strategy
    10.3.    Evonik Industries AG
    10.3.1.    Overview
    10.3.2.    Financial Overview
    10.3.3.    Product Offerings
    10.3.4.    Developments
    10.3.5.    Business Strategy
    10.4.    BASF SE
    10.4.1.    Overview
    10.4.2.    Financial Overview
    10.4.3.    Product Offerings
    10.4.4.    Developments
    10.4.5.    Business Strategy
    10.5.    Seal Source Inc.
    10.5.1.    Overview
    10.5.2.    Financial Overview
    10.5.3.    Product Offerings
    10.5.4.    Developments
    10.5.5.    Business Strategy
    10.6.    AmeriPolish
    10.6.1.    Overview
    10.6.2.    Financial Overview
    10.6.3.    Product Offerings
    10.6.4.    Developments
    10.6.5.    Business Strategy
    10.7.    Lythic Solutions, Inc.
    10.7.1.    Overview
    10.7.2.    Financial Overview
    10.7.3.    Product Offerings
    10.7.4.    Developments
    10.7.5.    Business Strategy
    10.8.    W.R. MEADOWS, INC.
    10.8.1.    Overview
    10.8.2.    Financial Overview
    10.8.3.    Product Offerings
    10.8.4.    Developments
    10.8.5.    Business Strategy
    10.9.    Larsen & Toubro Ltd
    10.9.1.    Overview
    10.9.2.    Financial Overview
    10.9.3.    Product Offerings
    10.9.4.    Developments
    10.9.5.    Business Strategy
    10.10.    KreteTek Industries
    10.10.1.    Overview
    10.10.2.    Financial Overview
    10.10.3.    Product Offerings
    10.10.4.    Developments
    10.10.5.    Business Strategy
    11.    Analyst Opinion
    12.    Annexure

    12.1.    Report Scope
    12.2.    Market Definitions
    12.3.    Research Methodology
    12.3.1.    Data Collation and In-house Estimation
    12.3.2.    Market Triangulation
    12.3.3.    Forecasting
    12.4.    Report Assumptions
    12.5.    Declarations
    12.6.    Stakeholders
    12.7.    Abbreviations

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