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Calcium is an essential element of the body structure. Due to changes in preferences and dietary habits, people in today’s life suffer from calcium deficiency which is complimented by the intake of calcium supplements. There are many calcium supplements available and calcium lactate is one of them. Calcium lactate is most favored due to its lower price, non-toxic, non-hazardous, and eco-friendly properties when compared to other calcium supplements. Calcium lactate is commonly used as a food additive and stabilizer, especially in dairy products and other fortified foods. The increasing demand for processed and convenience foods has been driving the growth of the food and beverage industry, consequently boosting the demand for calcium lactate. On the other hand, the factors such as limited awareness among consumers and supply chain disruptions may hamper the market growth. Calcium Lactate Market is expected to grow at a rate of 2.5% CAGR by 2028.
Calcium Lactate Market on the basis of Applications
•    Food & Beverage
•    Cosmetics
•    Feed Additives
•    Pharmaceuticals
•    Others (such as industrial)
Calcium Lactate Market on the basis of Geography
•    Asia Pacific
•    Europe
•    North America
•    Rest of the World
As per the market based on application the calcium lactate market is segmented as, food & beverage, cosmetics, feed additives, pharmaceuticals and others. The food & beverage segment accounted for the highest share of the market. Similarly, the cosmetic and pharmaceutical segment is anticipated to be the fastest-expanding segment over the forecast period. The fastest growth is ascribed to the calcium deficiency in people worldwide owing to the shifting life styles and food habits of the people. In cosmetic industry it is highly used in shampoos, moisturizer, hair dyes, cleansing products, color and other skin care products which further boost the growth of cosmetic application segment in the global calcium lactate market. 
Presently, Asia Pacific region is the global leader in the calcium lactate market based on geography. China has a benefit of having most manufacturing units owing to cheap labor and has the high contribution to the global calcium lactate market. Further China, Japan is the key global calcium lactate market in the Asia Pacific region. 
Globally, the trend of fortification of food and beverages with essential nutrients, including calcium, was gaining popularity as consumers sought healthier and more nutritious options. Calcium lactate was being used to fortify a wide range of products, such as dairy alternatives, plant-based beverages, and even non-food items such as calcium-fortified water. Thus, the calcium-fortified foods and beverages trend is influencing the global market.
The major vendors analyzed in the chemical tanker market report are Grupo AccionPlus, Jost Chemical Co, Cargill, Incorporated, Tyson Foods, Inc, Anheuser-Busch InBev, Corbion, Henan Jindan Lactic Acid Technology Co., Ltd, Land O'Lakes, Inc, Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd, and Qingdao Health Food Co., Ltd.
As a result, people currently have become highly conscious regarding the essential nutrients, such as protein, calcium and various others. Thus, in this present scenario the calcium lactate market is gaining high popularity in the estimated time period of 2022-2028. 
•    This report analysis helps the players in the market to know the present trends, dynamics and opportunities of the market and requirements of the end users.
•    The competitive analysis of the key competitors allow users to perceive the dynamic strategies such as technology innovation, partnerships, merger & acquisitions and joint ventures of the key competitors
•    This report also includes the SWOT analysis, portfolio analysis, capability analysis of the leading competitors  
•    Quantitative analysis of the market allows users to understand the factual of the market across four major regions

Calcium Lactate Market Forecast up to 2028

  • Table of Contents

    1.    Executive Summary
    2.    Industry Outlook

    2.1.    Industry Overview
    2.2.    Industry Trends
    3.    Market Snapshot
    3.1.    Market Definition
    3.2.    Market Outlook
    3.2.1.    Porter Five Forces
    3.3.    Related Markets
    4.    Market characteristics
    4.1.    Market Overview
    4.2.    Market Segmentation
    4.3.    Market Dynamics
    4.3.1.    Drivers
    4.3.2.    Restraints
    4.3.3.    Opportunities
    4.4.    DRO - Impact Analysis
    5.    Application: Market Size & Analysis
    5.1.    Overview
    5.2.    Greenhouse Films
    5.3.    Mulch Films
    5.4.    Silage Films
    6.    Geography: Market Size & Analysis
    6.1.    Overview
    6.2.    North America
    6.3.    Europe
    6.4.    Asia Pacific
    6.5.    Rest of the World
    7.    Competitive Landscape
    7.1.    Competitor Comparison Analysis
    7.2.    Market Developments
    7.2.1.    Mergers and Acquisitions, Legal, Awards, Partnerships
    7.2.2.    Product Launches and execution
    8.    Vendor Profiles
    8.1.    Grupo AccionPlus
    8.1.1.    Overview
    8.1.2.    Financial Overview
    8.1.3.    Product Offerings
    8.1.4.    Developments
    8.1.5.    Business Strategy
    8.2.    Jost Chemical Co
    8.2.1.    Overview
    8.2.2.    Financial Overview
    8.2.3.    Product Offerings
    8.2.4.    Developments
    8.2.5.    Business Strategy
    8.3.    Cargill, Incorporated
    8.3.1.    Overview
    8.3.2.    Financial Overview
    8.3.3.    Product Offerings
    8.3.4.    Developments
    8.3.5.    Business Strategy
    8.4.    Tyson Foods, Inc
    8.4.1.    Overview
    8.4.2.    Financial Overview
    8.4.3.    Product Offerings
    8.4.4.    Developments
    8.4.5.    Business Strategy
    8.5.    Anheuser-Busch InBev
    8.5.1.    Overview
    8.5.2.    Financial Overview
    8.5.3.    Product Offerings
    8.5.4.    Developments
    8.5.5.    Business Strategy
    8.6.    Corbion
    8.6.1.    Overview
    8.6.2.    Financial Overview
    8.6.3.    Product Offerings
    8.6.4.    Developments
    8.6.5.    Business Strategy
    8.7.    Henan Jindan Lactic Acid Technology Co., Ltd
    8.7.1.    Overview
    8.7.2.    Financial Overview
    8.7.3.    Product Offerings
    8.7.4.    Developments
    8.7.5.    Business Strategy
    8.8.    Land O'Lakes, Inc
    8.8.1.    Overview
    8.8.2.    Financial Overview
    8.8.3.    Product Offerings
    8.8.4.    Developments
    8.8.5.    Business Strategy
    8.9.    Shaanxi Sciphar Hi-Tech Industry Co., Ltd
    8.9.1.    Overview
    8.9.2.    Financial Overview
    8.9.3.    Product Offerings
    8.9.4.    Developments
    8.9.5.    Business Strategy
    8.10.    Qingdao Health Food Co., Ltd
    8.10.1.    Overview
    8.10.2.    Financial Overview
    8.10.3.    Product Offerings
    8.10.4.    Developments
    8.10.5.    Business Strategy
    9.    Analyst Opinion
    10.    Annexure

    10.1.    Report Scope
    10.2.    Market Definitions
    10.3.    Research Methodology
    10.3.1.    Data Collation and In-house Estimation
    10.3.2.    Market Triangulation
    10.3.3.    Forecasting
    10.4.    Report Assumptions
    10.5.    Declarations
    10.6.    Stakeholders
    10.7.    Abbreviations

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